3FoxSisters Productions

3FoxSisters Productions


The Magic of the 3 Fox Sisters Theater

Interactive seance theater

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 The most unique theatrical séance experience ever!

What others are saying about Pre-Possessed!

" Vince and Carlos brought their fun and exciting "Pre-Possessed Seance Show" to the Haunted America Conference in 2022, and it was spectacular! Not only did my guests have a great time with it, but we received rave reviews about the humor, the illusions, and their professional showmanship. Booking this show as part of our after-hours events turned out to be a great decision for us, and we'll definitely have them back again in the future. I couldn't have asked for a better show and a better couple of people to work with!"

-Troy Taylor( American Hauntings Ink )

" I have worked with many entertainers over the years. This past October we hosted Vince Johari and Carlos David with their Pre-Possessed: A Haunted Magic Show. It exceeded my expectations and they knocked it out of the park. Amazing Show!! Magical entertainment at it's finest!!"

- Michael Platten (Owner; Magic Attic Theater in Tulsa, OK)

     "First-rate entertainment where you really never know what can happen next. Plenty of ghost tours in Eureka Springs to try, but a seance, like they were done one-hundred years or more ago, is amazing. The "spirits" pick the mediums, through the participants, and then the fun begins. It's hard to explain in words, but it's something that must be experienced in person."  -Gary

     "Great Fun & Experience! This was a very interesting and fun time with VInce & Carlos! Lots of audience participation. I was chosen as a medium and able to successfully connect one in the audience with her loved one. It was fun entertainment! Highly recommend!" -Sharla B

    "Caution...may cause skeptics to question When posed with the inquiry, “are there any honest people left in the world?”, some skeptical folks may answer in the negative, believing these people to exist in the same realm as unicorns and leprechauns. Yet, the teaming of Vince and Carlos, with terrific tech support provided by Mariah, proves those theories to be false! They were incredibly professional, accommodating, engaging, exciting, and fun, even after having just completed a sold out show minutes before our show! We had a smaller group, but because of that, Vince took the time to create some modifications that resulted in a true “head scratcher” moment for myself and another group member. It truly left me wondering what I had just witnessed and what it meant. I also received a message and some guidance which was really helpful and gave me some encouragement.

If you’re a believer, skeptic, or anywhere in between, this show offers the unique opportunity to learn more about the Victorian art of spiritualism and even sets the stage for someone in the audience to have an even more personal experience with the other side. A great evening of entertainment!"-Writer Girl Beth

    "Love it We had amazing time , and definitely some unusual experiences, ( this jump started my October season "  -Jacqueline 

     "An Amazing Halloween Experience .. this was the best part of my trip! I love the paranormal and Vince did not disappoint, he and Carlos were great entertainers. The pre-possessed was an amazing experience. If your in Eureka check them out or actually if this is your thing, it worth a trip to Eureka Springs.... thanks guys!!!" -Kenda 

     " Family Trip Great show! We had done ghost tours before and were looking for something a little different. This was it. If you’re looking for a “little bit of everything” spirits show ... this ones for you. Vince and Carlos are a great team and put on a very entertaining show whether you’re into paranormal stuff or not! Be sure to ask Carlos for some magic tricks, you won’t be disappointed!!" -Tiff

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