3FoxSisters Productions

3FoxSisters Productions


The Magic of the 3 Fox Sisters Theater

We are currently bringing our shows to you!

(Please note we are no longer located in the town of Eureka Springs.)

Having an event in need of unique and unforgettable entertainment? Want to make sure it's the best? Contact us to make it happen! 

2022 season shows will be presented in Springfield, Mo. and Tulsa, OK in September and October. Ticket links, locations and times will be posted soon!

The 2022 Arcane Relics 2 Summit!!!

Sponsored By: Terry Tyson, Chris Sipes, and Andrew DeRuiter
This Bizarre Summit on August 25th – 28th will provide expert advice on how to build and perform a professional show. Our Agenda includes sessions with industry leaders, successful performers, and creatives, who will join other craftsman for engaging talks and hands-on demonstrations of the magical arts. The Summit’s General Admission is only $75.00 for the first 30 people. 
Look at this line up!!!
Jamie Salinas
Lary Kuehn
Joseph Daniels
John Ferrentino
Terry L. Tyson
Ron Wilson
Josh Ayala
John Gilmore
Chris Sipes
Andrew DeRuiter
Jerry Blankenship
Vince Johari
Carlos David 


3 Fox Sisters Productions