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Johari's Window - Psychic Comedy Magic Show 

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Paranormal entertainer Vince Johari and comedy magician Carlos David have partnered to bring you Johari’s Window, a search for the existence of psychic powers! Does the psychic world exist, or is it all just parlor tricks? Whether you see yourself as a paranormal enthusiast or an open-minded skeptic, EVERYONE believes in comedy!

What others are saying about Johari's Window!

     "Fun We went tonight and had a great time. They interacted with each guest and made us all laugh. We also got a box with cool gifts inside for ordering VIP tickets =) It was well worth it =) THANK YOU =)" - Jennifer P.

     "A great show not to be missed! I didn't know what to expect from this show. But needless to say this was a great show and my wife and I had a great time!!! They interact with everyone in the audience and pull everyone in. With everything going on in the world it is a great escape...." - Sergio S.

     "Must See!! This show is funny, interactive, intimate and amazing overall. This theater show is a must see; you will be impressed." -Rachel E.

     "Fun show A good activity for a night out. It was a fun and interesting show with great audience interactions..." - KKB

     "Must see!!  We’re huge fans of the paranormal and we were so excited to see a psychic comedy show! We were not disappointed. The show was interactive and hilarious,..." - Shelby C.

     "amazing show ... we had a great time!!" - Elaine Marie

     "This is one of the best hidden gems in Eureka Springs ! ... one of the most entertaining & interactive shows I have seen in a long time. My granddaughter & I had so much fun during Johari’s Window ! It’s a must see if you are in town." - Susan Melton Turner

    "Great show! Had a blast on a date night but is family friendly as well. Comedy and magic rolled all into one! Must see!!" - Craig Gardner

     "They are so funny! Amazing show! Interacted with the guests well, had great puns, and overall a good time!!" -Joshua Paul Encinas

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